Dirt Free Austin, Texas

Servicing our customers in "The Capitol City" has enabled Dirt Free to clean more of Texas.  Not all carpet cleaning companies deliver the same service level.  At Dirt Free, our cleaning process goes above and beyond.  Clean carpets mean babies, pets and toddlers are safe from dangerous chemicals.  And families can sit back and relax when out-of-town relatives come to visit.  When you have your carpet cleaned by Dirt Free, you have nothing to lose – except stains, odors, ground-in dirt and grime.  We have been a Texas-based company since the beginning of our company. Many residents know us as the best carpet cleaning company in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Our company does a lot more than just clean carpets we are your one source solution for deep cleaning your home. Owner Aubrey Thoede Has the same vision for all the cities in Texas and nationwide that homeowners don't have to be subjected to dangerous and harmful chemicals just to keep their homes clean. The residents of Houston, San Antonio and Austin can rely on dirt free to keep their homes safe from harmful chemicals that most companies use and to have the best equipment and staff in the industry. .All of these issues inspired Aubrey to separate Dirt Free from the industry (and the competition) through innovation. Aubrey realized that there needed to be an improvement in the power of the equipment, and the industry had no answers. A team of engineers was assembled, and with their help, he was able to design a new more powerful   "Van Powered" cleaning machine. This new type of machine utilized the van's motor instead of an electric motor or lawn mower engine. It was light years ahead of any other machine on the market. His first generation of machines assembled in the early 1990's were even much more powerful than machines commonly sold today by many carpet cleaning machine manufacturers.

Featured Services

Carpet Cleaning
Our non-toxic, patented pre-spray along with our special restructured water will give you amazing results!

Tile Cleaning
The safest non-toxic solutions to clean and rinse your tile, grout or natural stone.

Fine Persian & Oriental Rugs
We use our 5000 square foot area rug cleaning facility to clean, dry, and protect all types of area rugs.

Upholstery Cleaning
You can trust Dirt Free to clean your furniture with the method recommended by the manufacturer.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning is an important step towards ridding your home of harmful contaminants.

Stone and Marble Refinishing
We can safely clean, repair and revitalize your natural stone surfaces to a "like new" appearance.